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List of items used in school physics lab

Educational Scientific Supplies Company is the leading manufactuerer of items commonly used in a school physics laboratory. Below is the list of items”

  1. Laboratory bench or table
  2. Bunsen burner or gas burner
  3. Thermometers (mercury or digital)
  4. Stopwatches or timers
  5. Measuring cylinders (graduated cylinders)
  6. Beakers
  7. Erlenmeyer flasks
  8. Test tubes
  9. Pipettes
  10. Funnel
  11. Burette
  12. Safety goggles
  13. Lab coats or aprons
  14. Balance or electronic scale
  15. Vernier calipers
  16. Spring balance
  17. Magnets
  18. Bar magnets
  19. Compass
  20. Power supply
  21. Wires and connectors
  22. Resistors
  23. Capacitors
  24. Inductors
  25. Multimeter
  26. Oscilloscope
  27. Light source (such as a laser or lamp)
  28. Optical bench
  29. Lenses (convex and concave)
  30. Mirrors (plane and concave)
  31. Prism
  32. Diffraction grating
  33. Geiger-Muller counter
  34. Radioactive sources (if applicable)
  35. Newton’s cradle
  36. Pulleys
  37. Springs
  38. Inclined plane
  39. Air track (for studying motion)
  40. Projectile launcher
  41. Ticker tape timer
  42. Sonometer
  43. Resonance tube
  44. Tuning fork
  45. Microscope
  46. Glassware (for experiments involving refraction or lenses)
  47. Newton’s rings apparatus
  48. Van de Graaff generator
  49. Electrostatic kit (electroscopes, pith balls, etc.)
  50. Spectrometer

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and the specific items used in a physics lab can vary depending on the curriculum and experiments being conducted. If you can not find here what you are looking for we can arrange that item for you.